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In this first phase of care, our physicians' main objective is to relieve the pain or discomfort you are experiencing. The Relief Phase is designed to stop the negative progress of your condition. This will take some time depending on:

  • The severity of your condition

  • How long you have had the condition

  • Your general health

  • Your ability to respond to the care

  • The frequency of care

  • Your age

  • How dedicated you are to the treatment plan provided  

Our physicians will take a complete and thorough history and an in-depth exam to determine some of those factors as well as recommend the appropriate diagnostic tests. At that point, our physicians will inform you of the following: 

  • If your condition can be improved by our team of medical professionals and our Center's resources 

  • How long the treatment plan will take

  • How much the treatment will cost 

  • How you can pay for your care

  • What each phase will consist of in terms of various types of treatment

  • How many treatments in each phase and the frequency of treatments

All of the aforementioned topics will be discussed with you at the time of your first visit. Together, you and your physicians will make a decision on your care based on what is best for you both health-wise and cost-wise. Keep in mind that the Relief Phase of Care is designed for relief only. It will not normally correct your health problem, only get you started on your way to complete health restoration. Your symptoms will be greatly reduced or possibly eliminated. 



Once the acute symptoms have subsided (Relief Phase), the physicians can start correcting the problem. The Correction Phase is the critical phase of care because many times the patient is feeling better. When symptoms subside, the patient may feel that no more care is needed. Patients will sometimes prematurely discontinue care before correction takes place. This may be a major mistake in regaining your health! 


In your condition the correction phase will be the maximum correction that can be accomplished considering the severity of your condition. There are many factors that determine your results:

  • The length of time you have had the problem or condition and its severity.

  • How fast your own body's healing rate is.

  • How well you follow your physician's instructions and avoid reinjury.

  • How well you have been dedicated the the physician's treatment plan.

Keeping your scheduled frequency of appointments in this phase is crucial! Our Center desires as much correction and alignment as possible regarding your injury.



If the problem area can be strengthened it will dramatically aid the involved area in not returning to the previous problem. When the area is properly strengthened, the chances of the injured area being re-injured is greatly reduced. Usually in the strengthening phase, exercises will be given to increase muscle strength and stabilize the involved area. 


The primary job of our physicians during this phase is to restrain muscles and ligaments in the involved area to function properly. It is also an important part of this phase to strengthen the injured area through strengthening and repetitive exercise. 


This phase of care is a team effort but the most important part of the team is you, the patient! It is up to you to be very conscientious in staying with your treatment and exercise program. This strengthening contributes the most to your recovery. The patients who complete their care always have much better long term results than those who prematurely discontinue rehabilitation exercises before maximum results are obtained. 



Prevention is much better than cure. Once you have accomplished your goal or attained maximum improvement, it is wise for you to maintain that level of achievement. Better health, more energy, and less medical cost are all advantages of keeping your health, maintained with frequent checkup visits to achieve wellness.



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